Maria B in uk Suit Mustard SF-W23-10

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Maria B Luxury Formals Maria B in uk Suit Mustard SF-W23-10


Saree Fabric:

Crafted from the finest Kattan raw silk, this saree is a testament to luxury and elegance. The Kattan raw silk fabric drapes your natural beauty while utmost comfort.

Blouse Fabric:

The blouse, made from premium Rawsilk, perfectly complements the saree. Its smooth and lustrous texture adds to the overall appeal of this ensemble, making it a perfect choice for special occasions.

Petticoat Fabric:

Comfort is a priority, and that’s why we’ve included a soft and breathable Cotton Satin petticoat. It ensures that you can move with ease and grace, allowing you to shine wherever you go.

Intricate Weaved Jacquard Border Pallu:

Maria B in uk stands out with its intricately weaved jacquard border pallu. This unique feature pays homage to India’s rich textile heritage, showcasing intricate patterns that add an extra layer of elegance to the saree.

Matching Embroidered Blouse:

Completing the ensemble is the  blouse, featuring delicate embroidery work. This intricate detailing enhances the overall look, making you feel like royalty and ensuring you stand out at any gathering.

Versatile and Chic:

Maria B in uk Suit Mustard SF-W23-10 is a versatile choice suitable for various occasions. Whether it’s a wedding, festival, or special event, this saree set is your go-to option for making a stylish statement.

Pair it with your favorite accessories to create a unique look that’s a true reflection of your style.

In conclusion, the Maria B in uk Suit Mustard SF-W23-10 is more than just clothing; it’s an  grace, beauty, and tradition.

With its intricate weaved jacquard border pallu, comfortable, and  blouse, it’s designed to make you feel confident, elegant, and timeless.

Embrace this fusion of style and tradition and let the Maria B saree be your canvas for self-expression.


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